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Show Your Love with a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Twin Cities media maven Kevyn Burger appeared on Fox 9’s The Morning Buzz on February 10th. She encouraged viewers to create a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for their kids and featured great treasures from The General Store of Minnetonka as the reward at the end of the hunt. They have everything from retro toys to dresses for American Girl dolls to heart shaped cookies and fudge in their Café.

Valentine’s Day was big at my house growing up. My mom baked a heart shaped cake every year and I got to frost it and put sprinkles on the top. My sister and I always got a fun present like pink or red socks with hearts on them and of course, a famous Brach’s candy box.

It’s good to poor romance into Valentine’s Day, but it’s also nice to spend time showing your kids you love them. My Valentine’s Day memories from growing up are vivid in my mind and I have created those same memories for my daughter. Now a freshman in college, I had to put Valentine’s Day in a box this year and mail it to her. Hard to send the heart-shaped cake, so heart shaped cookies headed to Loyola University with of course, frosting and sprinkles! Next year I’ll stop at The General Store of Minnetonka on my way to the mailbox!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Kari Logan

Published on: February 10, 2010