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Taking a Swing Against SIDS

Every year we pause to celebrate the young life of Noah Rogers who was taken by SIDS at 11 months young. We at CEL never had the chance to meet Noah as he died before his dad (Scott Rogers) started working at CEL as our brand specialist.  However, we feel like we know him…his mom and dad have shared Noah with us through stories, pictures, and through an incredible charity golf event (Noah’s Memorial Classic) that is being held today for the second year in a row. Business colleagues, family and friends from around the country come to play in Noah’s Memorial Classic.  While having a fabulous time (okay, some of us may struggle a bit on the course…but the games at each hole make up for the multiple strokes on the fairway), we also pay tribute to the families of SIDS.

How does this relate to business?  Business IS about people … and the camaraderie, strength, faith and perseverance it sometimes takes to get one through those very difficult times.  So as we join Scott and Jenna in celebrating Noah’s young life, we ask that you consider supporting SIDS – or reach out to one of your colleagues who could benefit from your support.

What cause(s) do you support?

Published on: July 9, 2012