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Custom Geofilters Engage Younger Audiences at Your Events

Custom Geofilters Engage Younger Audiences at Your Events

If your goal is to engage teens and millennials, Snapchat can be a great tool. The average Snapchatter opens the app 18 times per day, spending over 30 minutes a day. More than 60% of those users create photos – typically with filters. That audience is right within your reach.

You can engage them by creating branded Geofilters they can use with their photos. Geofilters are limited to a specific geographic area (that you set) and are only available for a limited time. They are perfect for special events!

Great opportunities would include

  • Community parades, festivals or concerts
  • School events like homecoming, prom or graduation
  • Personal celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or holidays

You will need to either download the Photoshop template from Snapchat, or create your Geofilter from within the Snapchat app.

Things to note:

  • Files should be PNG format, 1080px wide, and under 300KB.
  • Do not cover more than 25% of the image.
  • Approving a Geofilter can take up to three hours. Snapchat recommends submitting your Geofilter at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The cost varies depending on where your Geofence is, how big it is, and how long you want it to run. Communities can host free Community Geofilters for their city or town.

Want help? Our team can create custom Snapchat Geofilters for your special event. Contact us for details and pricing.

Published on: September 29, 2017