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Top Blogs of 2021

Happy Groundhog Day! Does it feel like you’ve been living the same day or month over and over again? You’re not alone. As we near the two-year mark since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, we’re all feeling a little rough around the edges. So today we’re reflecting on the past year and what we’ve learned. Here are our top ten blogs of 2021, chosen by readership—and some takeaways that we’ve brought with us into 2022. 

1. Memorial Day: Let’s Remember
2. Six Social Posts to Honor Veteran’s Day
3. Honor Native American Heritage with the Words You Use — and the Words You Avoid

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Our takeaway: PR pros want to honor important historical events, notable days and holidays properly. It’s important for us to use inclusive language and understand how to celebrate appropriately — but we don’t want to be performative, either. These blogs will help you navigate some common pitfalls and help you to fill out your editorial calendar.


4. Responding & Managing Facebook Comments
5. Things We Can Control

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Our takeaway: Things have been hard. Schools have been on the frontlines: of the pandemic, political frustrations, and staffing shortages. It’s important to remember that you’re not responsible for solving every problem (even though it may feel like it some days). If you feel like your day is spent hopping out of one fire into another, lean on one another for support. Whatever you’re going through today, we guarantee someone went through it last week. Use these blogs to identify the things you can control and try to set healthy boundaries on the things you can’t. 


6. Shawn Achor’s 6 Daily Happiness Exercises
7. Your Must-Have School PR Tool: The Emergency Sub Plan

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Our takeaway: Things have been hard. Yes, we said it again (it bears repeating). We know you’ve spent countless hours going above and beyond the past two years, and likely before the pandemic, too. Find ways to spotlight the great things happening and focus on celebrations, achievements and success. And when it’s time to disconnect, be sure actually to do it. No more developing last-minute emails on your phone from the plane or, worse, on the beach. Instead, use these blogs to set your emergency sub plan in place, so you can truly relax.


8. Supporting Your PR School Communications Pro
9. Strategic Storytelling for Schools: Start with Message Pillars
10. School Board Onboarding in 3 Simple Steps

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Our takeaway: You know how important storytelling is, but do your leadership or School Board? Are communications included in leadership plans and strategic roadmaps? School communications have been thrust into the spotlight these past two years. If your leadership team wasn’t receptive to developing communications plans (let alone communications teams) in the past, they might be more understanding now of the immensity of your roles. Use these blogs to help you develop your strategic plans, and consider sharing them with your leadership, too.


We’re all looking toward brighter days ahead, and even though the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter, be assured that spring is right around the corner. We’re not sorry to wave goodbye to 2021, but we’re collecting the wisdom that we’ve learned (the hard way, many times) over the past year and are dusting ourselves off in pursuit of those bright days, equipped with the knowledge, support and friendships we’ve cultivated. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Published on: February 2, 2022