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CEL Clients & Social Media Success

Social media is relationship marketing.  With social media, you’re reaching out to potential customers and engaging them in conversation that highlights your expertise and enhances your credibility, so they turn to you when they need service. They will keep you top of mind and talk about you with their friends. When your social media is working together with other marketing strategies, it’s a perfect orchestra.

Here are some scenarios of our success:


A business development and best practices organization for residential plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical professionals across the country.

  • Facebook is now the leading generator of new visits to the because Nexstar is now engaging with potential new members that they would not likely have reached in other ways.
  • The analytics on Nexstar’s blog – Rapid Results 4 Business – averages over 80% in unique (unduplicated) visitors because they are optimized with keywords and relevant links.
  • Nexstar now has a grade of 78 out of 100 on Twitter. Anywhere in the top 25th percentile is considered strong because the life span of a tweet is so short.
  • The open rate for Nexstar’s Contractor Business News e-newsletter is well above average compared to standard open email rates.

Right at Home
This in-home care agency provides care for seniors and disabled adults who need some assistance to maintain their independence.

In 2011, we created a “social media starter kit” and provided social media training to Right at Home owners and key managers. We also implemented a creative campaign to inspire RAH employees to talk about their company via Facebook, in an effort to increase likes and awareness.

We couriered a pizza box to the homes of each employee and it contained a creative message that invited recipients to share a “slice” of Right of Home on Facebook. The day the pizza boxes were distributed, RAH owner Paul Blom called to say:

“I was just on Facebook and we have gone from reaching 30 or so people each day to over 250 since this went out!!!  Pretty cool!!!”

We also created their blog site: and wrote the copy for their website

Linsk Flowers

This family-owned and operated flower shop in St. Louis Park is now showing up on the first page of Google. In addition, they are generating new customers via Facebook.

If you Google Saint Louis Park florists, you will see that appears on the first page, based on primary keywords that we researched, set up and utilize and they are positioned as an industry leader. We intentionally recommended an off-page blog for Linsk (, to create inbound links to their website and we intentionally do not link from their website back to the blog because one-way link in is much stronger.

The media turns to CEL for our expertise

The media has written about the social media expertise CEL and our collaborative partner Small Business Mavericks. We’ve also been asked to write articles for national publications.

Published on: August 12, 2012