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How To Effectively Use Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook, now known as Meta, has more than two billion daily active users and brought in a total of more than $113 billion in advertising revenue in 2022. With such impressive numbers and wide audience, it’s no wonder that you – like most brands and businesses – want to hop on the Facebook-advertising bandwagon. However, advertising on Facebook is easier said than done. Without the right methods, your Facebook ad campaign is doomed to fail.

Katie Fuller, Digital Strategist at CEL, has worked with dozens of businesses that utilize Facebook ads to drive consumers to their products. However, she’s also seen businesses make the same mistakes time and time again, which ultimately lead to unsuccessful campaigns:

“The biggest mistake that a business can make is creating and running only one ad within each campaign. Even the smallest change in the words you choose or the graphic you use can have a massive impact on the click-through-rate for your ad campaign, so it is best to create multiple versions of your ad and test them to see which ad gets the best response.”

This testing opportunity makes Facebook Business Manager a powerful tool. One of the best ways to test your ads is to create three to five versions of your ad for the same campaign that differ in images, audience, text, font, placement, and so on. However, it’s best to change only one of these variables in your ad at a time, otherwise you won’t know which change affected your results.

Follow these steps to use Facebook ads effectively:

  1. Create three to five different versions of an ad for the SAME campaign.
  2. Run all ads during the same time period (we recommend at least seven days for the best results, but you can run A/B testing for up to 30 days in Meta).
  3. Review Facebook ad statistics on all ads.
  4. Find the ad with the highest click-through-rate.
  5. Use the ad with the highest click-through-rate.

You can run each of these ads during the same period of time, but individual users will only see one version of your ads. Facebook tracks which of the four ads draws the most attention, and the ad that gets the highest click-through-rate (CTR) is the winner. The ad with the highest CTR is the one that should be used throughout the rest of your campaign.

A/B testing is just one important method when it comes to Facebook ads. Check out these best practices for leveraging Facebook ads:

  • Only test one variable at a time to get the most accurate data.
  • Create a measurable hypothesis for your A/B test.
  • Test at least three, but up to five versions of your ad.
  • Set a high enough budget to determine the winning strategy.
  • Run your test for at least seven days, but up to 30 days to gather enough data.
  • Choose the best audience for your campaign.

Ready to use Facebook ads for your next campaign? The CEL team is here to help! 

Published on: June 9, 2023