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Client Spotlight – Saint Louis Art Fair

Client Spotlight – Saint Louis Art Fair

The Saint Louis Art Fair is an excellent example of the magic that happens when marketing and public relations unite to entice a target market and generate a response. This event consistently wins annual awards from the International Festivals and Event Association (IFEA).

Each year, Cultural Festivals, producers of the Art Fair, choose a theme and build a campaign around it in print, online and in the media. Consistent messaging, graphics and video images permeate throughout St. Louis, beginning one month prior to the Art Fair and they are clever, colorful and attention-getting.

This year’s campaign, “Home is where the art is,” was unveiled on August 2nd at a preview event supported by television news coverage on how to decorate your home with art from the Saint Louis Art Fair. More media coverage with artist stories, billboards, posters, television commercials and Facebook and Twitter posts will continue through the run of this year’s Art Fair, September 9-11.

For the past six years, The Saint Louis Art Fair has exceeded their marketing and public relations investment ten times over in advertising and publicity value. They also exceed attendance and artist sales expectations as result of strategy, creativity and good partnerships.

Published on: August 26, 2016