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Native Advertising Repurposes Content as a Distribution Strategy

One of the more complex aspects of communications training is selecting the right medium to deliver your content to a targeted audience.

Starting a blog, social media accounts or a website usually requires building an audience through search engines, cross-linking other publications and other organic marketing tactics. Purchasing advertising means having an audience but fitting your content into the publishers format, whether a 15-second radio commercial, banner ad or newspaper ad.

One trend that media publishers have embraced seeks to marry the best of both approached. Native Advertising, or sponsored content, is an ad that fits in the context of the user’s reading and browsing experience, sometimes referred to as “native advertising.” To gain the attention of someone reading a news website, the advertiser’s content should seek to be as informative and relevant as the news itself.

From BuzzFeed to the New York Times, all facets of the publishing industry are embracing native advertising and delivering engagement rates that not only dwarf those of banner ads but can also beat out the publisher’s own content.

As co-founder of BringMeTheNews, a pioneer in Native Advertising, CEL strategist Tom Elko has been helping organizations understand these new advertising opportunities for more than five years. If you have a story to tell, are willing to produce great content and deliver it in a way that is creative, effective and lasting, there are more options for reaching your desired audience than ever before. If you have questions or would like to learn more about Native Advertising, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Published on: August 4, 2014