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Ultimate Branding: A Permanent Statement

How far would you go to show your loyalty to your favorite brands? Many consumers will recommend brands to friends, wear clothing with obvious logos, or even put bumper stickers of logos on their cars. But is there any greater sign of brand loyalty than the willingness to have a logo permanently tattooed onto your skin? That’s a commitment that speaks loudly for your company.

According to a Star Tribune article from last month titled “The new branding: company tattoos” by Kristin Tillotson, numerous staff members of Anytime Fitness have gotten the company’s purple logo of a running person tattooed on their skin. Not only is that strong brand loyalty, but it also shows the extreme devotion that Anytime Fitness employees have to their company.

So what do you think: Is there a brand logo that you would have tattooed on your skin? How about the company you work for? Or is this branding going too far?

Published on: June 24, 2010