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Embedding Facebook Posts Good For Businesses

Last week, Facebook announced posts would now have an embedding option for users. Following the example of Twitter and their own Instagram, Facebook is now allowing users to share a post containing a video, pictures or hashtags by using an embedding code.

What does this mean for your online marketing strategy? This feature will give businesses the chance to share their posts, or other posts relevant to their company, on their websites and blogs.

Features of Facebook Embedding

Here’s an example: If you have a customer or client post to your Facebook wall about how great your products or services are, you would be able to take that post and embed it on a recommendations page on your website or blog.

Probably one of the best features of embedding a Facebook post is the accessibility for your audience. When users see a post you have embedded on your site, they will be have the ability to like, comment or share the Facebook post right from your web page. They will also be able to like your Facebook page and click on any hashtags you used within the post.

Facebook Embedded Post

This feature is currently only rolled out to publications such as CNN, Mashable and Bleacher Report, but Facebook says the update will be available to all users soon.

Stay tuned to SMI for a detailed look into how to embed social media onto your site and improve your online marketing.

Published on: August 7, 2013