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30 Years 30 Heroes: Janeé Harteau

With strength and persistence, Janeé Harteau became the first female police chief in Minneapolis, one of just three overseeing a major American city. Coming from a diverse background, Janeé is known for seeing the “human side” of crime, focusing on making an impact on her profession and the betterment of family and the community. She served the citizens of Minneapolis for 30 years.

While police chief of Minneapolis, Janeé made some significant accomplishments, like instituting implicit bias training and rolling out body cameras to all officers. After her recognition, her peers named her the 2017 Woman Law Enforcement Executive of the Year. She was also recognized as one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders in 2017. Janeé continues to strive to see more women in leadership positions and excel in their careers.

Just recently, Janeé was named president of Vitals Aware Services, a Minneapolis-based technology company. Vitals Aware Services, in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, is the creator of an app designed to prevent situations between vulnerable individuals and the police from escalating. She states, “This is a tremendous opportunity for me to continue to serve both of those in new and innovative ways to build safer communities and help build trusting relationships between first responders and the people they protect.”

Thank you, Janeé, for your leadership and the impact you continue to make!

Published on: September 27, 2018