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How Often Should I Post On Facebook for My Business?

Posting too frequently on social media sites can annoy friends and followers, but if you’re not posting often enough, you might be missing your chance to stay top-of-mind to your target audience. If you’re the administrator for a company’s Facebook page, do you know how often you should be posting?Help for Posting on Facebook

According to Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg, the convergence between Twitter and Facebook continues. “The half-life of a Facebook post is now 3.2 hours, and the new Facebook Timeline feature means that amount of time will continue to shrink,” said Melberg. “No longer can a business post once per day to their page and expect that they will achieve the reach they are hoping for.  This means businesses will need to post more frequently to their Facebook pages to achieve the same reach as they did prior to Timeline.”

Just like Twitter, you can now start to think of Facebook like a “stream” versus a lake.  What you see floating by is dependent upon when you are sitting there, and different people will be sitting at different times. With Facebook Timeline, you’ll want to send more messages down stream in order to reach folks who watch at different times.

It’s also critical that you check your Facebook Insights to find out what the best times for you to post are – those times when you receive the most engagement. Be sure to monitor that on a regular basis, as we expect to see this change with Timeline.

While Facebook Timline was a major change, what do you think will be the next big change in the world of social media?

Published on: January 16, 2012