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What I Learned About Marketing and PR from March Madness

What I Learned About Marketing and PR from March Madness

Admit it…every year, there are those of you who can’t wait for the March Madness basketball. Questions loom: is there an underdog team that will rise to the top? Have I picked the right teams to win – for a return on my investment? Which coach will inspire their players to advance beyond the public’s predictions? What impact has the media and social media had on my picks for this year?

There are many similarities between basketball strategy and your company’s marketing/PR strategy. Tips and tactics to consider for your company plan:

  • The strategy is only good if it’s implemented – and in a timely manner. Positive results are born of listening to your intuition while implementing the plan.
  • Repetition and consistency pay off.
  • Incorporating an unexpected move within a strategy keeps it fresh and increases results.
  • Focus. Focus. Focus.
  • The coach who believes in his team, sees their talents beyond the obvious, and communicates in ways his players will listen are those in the top 10.
  • Bringing talent to the court is step No. 1. Have you drafted the right people to make up your team (key players that shine in strategy, copywriting, graphic design, media relations, social media, technology and analyst)?
  • The score does matter. Setting goals with measurable scores make a difference.
  • Was the price you paid worth the investment?
  • Team chemistry can make or break the team’s results.

Win big. Learn from losses.

Published on: March 9, 2015