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How Can You Protect Your Business Reputation?

It takes years of hard work, commitment, management, and service dedication to build your business reputation. Unfortunately, it only takes a few minutes to tarnish or in some cases, destroy it.

How does it happen? Hits to your reputation can come from a pattern of unsatisfactory service, an unhappy customer who takes to the Internet to share his or her frustration, a disgruntled employee who calls the local paper to complain about you, a product recall, and more. And, when news coverage ensues from any or all of the above, you could have a damaging media crisis on your hands.

What steps can you take to protect your business reputation?

1. Contracts
Contracts with customers and employees create clarity and set expectations, preventing miscommunication, conflict, and frustration in the future.

2. Internal and External Public Relations
Internal and external public relations initiatives are critical to building and maintaining your brand and reputation. Internally, media policies, employee handbooks, and other written and documented communication are essential for stating company regulations and expectations. Utilizing these tools now will positively support your business reputation and prevent conflict and potential legal problems down the road.

3. Public Relations Support and Coaching
An on-going relationship with a seasoned and reputable public relations firm can be an asset to managing your reputation. Proactive and positive PR will position you as a leader in your industry and extenuate your assets. So, if an unforeseen crisis happens, you’re given the benefit of the doubt. Most importantly, they will be there to jump into action and support you in protecting your business, your employees, and your reputation.

Take these three steps to lay the groundwork for protecting your business reputation, and continue to review and improve your systems on a quarterly basis.

Published on: July 10, 2014