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How Do You Preserve Your Brand in Times of Change?

When developing a brand, you strive to create something that will be long lasting, but can you guarantee it?

Men’s Wearhouse recently announced that they have parted ways with founder and executive chairman George Zimmer over differing views on the direction of the company. If you’re familiar with Men’s Wearhouse, you probably recognize Zimmer as the face of the company and the man who guarantees, “You’re going to like the way you look.”

Many companies, from 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment to Wendy’s have, like Men’s Wearhouse, used their founder in their brand strategy. We have found that in many small businesses, this has a positive effect on the staying power of a brand. While the company may need to refine or update their strategy, their overall brand remains strong, so long as the familiar face is present in the branding.

While selecting a company spokesperson has its advantages, there is also a risk in associating a brand with only one face. What happens to the brand when that person leaves? There are a few options. Wendy’s found a new spokesperson, – Wendy Thomas, took over for her father – so they had a seemingly smooth transition in their brand. However, other companies may choose to rebrand and transition to a completely different marketing strategy.

It will be interesting to see which direction Men’s Wearhouse goes with their new marketing strategy. Will they choose a new person or will we see a Men’s Wearhouse brand evolution? What do you think?


Photo Credit: Satomodel

Published on: June 21, 2013