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Top Reasons to be Thankful for PR & Marketing

While the grateful spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday is stirring among us, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in life. The C.E.L. team has come together to discuss some of the reasons to be thankful for PR & Marketing services that allow us to serve our clients throughout the year.

• Creating communication in a world that is truthful and authentic

• Building positive relationships among those who may not otherwise have known each other

• Helping individuals and businesses share their stories creatively and effectively with others so that their messages can be heard

• Opening lines for strategic communication through both online and traditional mediums

• Having the pleasure to work with incredible individuals who make such positive impacts on the world

Two examples are product manufacturers using the services of people with disabilities to distribute valuable product and message; and high school youth creating effective videos on behalf of government departments and distributed across the state.

Take a moment to think of just a few of the blessings you are grateful for. If you need another reason to be thankful (besides a national holiday), think about passing your gratefulness on to your kids. A recent Yahoo article reveals research showing that “grateful kids are happier [and] more satisfied with their lives.” It also translates to health benefits, showing that being truly grateful is believed to boost immune systems and lower blood pressure over time. Knowing these facts, try setting a goal to be grateful 365 days a year! There’s no need to wait for a giant bird to be on your table before you take time to reflect on what you’ve been given.

What are you especially thankful for this holiday season? How about Turkey Day Trivia?

Published on: November 23, 2011