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Marketing and PR – The Great Get Together!

Marketing and PR – The Great Get Together!

You are no doubt aware of the delicious combinations at the upcoming Minnesota State Fair: A corn dog and mustard, a brat and a cold beer, Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies and all the milk you can drink. But, as you’re filling your senses and your stomach with these great foods, think about how you found out about them in the first place.

Like the perfect pairing of State Fair foods, good marketing and public relations has the power to tickle the taste buds of your target market with savory, creative words and images that will keep them coming back for more. It’s what most likely led you to the annual consumption of your favorites in the first place. The State Fair is an endless sea of written and spoken messages reflecting marketing and public relations. For example:

•  Colorful signs with graphics and photos
•  Glass booths that attract your attention to dipping and deep frying
•  Brats sold inside the Beer Garden
•  Colorfully branded, easy to carry buckets of chocolate chip cookie delights
•  Long lines accentuate the appeal (you may recall Krispy Kreme donuts hiring people to form lines on opening day of their new stores)

Public Relations:
•  Consistent newspaper and television coverage with images of news reporters and fair-goers taking bites and smacking their lips
•  Stories told from behind the scenes on what makes Sweet Martha so sweet, the family business behind the French fries and the stats on the number of corn dogs consumed on any given day of the Fair.
•  Live on-site television shows with surprise visits from a neighboring food booth

What’s your award-winning blue ribbon marketing and public relations combination?

Published on: August 26, 2016