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30 Years 30 Heroes: Greg Niemi

Greg Niemi’s LinkedIn profile identifies him as “driving high-performance business.” We would add “driving strong values and cultures of integrity, gratitude, and respect.” We first met Greg as President of Nexstar Network, the business networking organization that delivers comprehensive business training, proven business systems and dedicated business coaching to independent home service plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical professionals across the country.

Greg Niemi and Nexstar Network’s Vice President Marla Coffin were at the helm of the company and developed it into one of the top membership business models in the country. As our CEL client, we experienced firsthand how they improved the lives of member businesses, the owners, their staff and families. In true Greg style, his succession plan and exit from the company was strategic, scheduled and successfully executed in 12 years. Today, he continues to give back to the Nexstar Network Foundation and support the trades.

Whether Greg is coaching one-on-one or training 400 business leaders in a room, people leave inspired and informed.

What is most striking and awe-inspiring about Greg Niemi is the fact that at the core of his work and his life are strong, consistent values and a positive outlook. His focused attention on financials is balanced with his commitment to integrity, giving and having fun. Many people including his friends at CEL, continue to benefit from his coaching, advising, and friendship.

Thank you, Greg, for the opportunities we have had to work for you, with you, and as recipients of your counsel.

Published on: September 24, 2018