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Must Have Collateral Materials for Businesses

Your business moves at a fast pace and morphs to meet customer demands on multiple levels. Are your collateral materials keeping up and providing the best first, second, and third impression?

How many times have you asked yourself if it’s better to invest in a printed brochure verses updating and improving your website? What is best for your business, knowing that you communicate with clients and greet prospects in person, in writing, within emails, and via social media? Here are some recommendations:

Business cards

Some things never change. A business card is still your most valuable leave behind because it can be easily placed in a pocket or wallet and pulled out for reference. But, in many cases, they’ve become boring and lacking in personality. Make sure your card stands out among the stack with a unique design, photo, dye cut, or interesting material like clear plastic or metal. The investment (around $200 extra) will be worth it. Keep the word count low. It’s no longer necessary to include your address on the card, just your web address, email and phone number.

Business card brochures

Interestingly, the function of the business card is expanding. Since attention spans are shorter and time is tighter these days, companies are creating business card brochures that give a quick overview of products, services, credentials, and a web address. These cards compliment your standard business card in brand, size and, appeal and replace standard size brochures that are often misplaced or discarded. And, the concept will make you more memorable.


Letterhead is still important for credibility and two-sided letterhead is growing in popularity. Be sure to create a digital version in a format that can be easily utilized by your staff and saved as a PDF.


When it comes to business envelopes, jazz up your flap! Surprise the recipient with an attention getting message or your phone number on the inside of it.

Invest in Design

Spend the money to hire a professional designer to create your collateral materials. Once you have them in hand, consider investing in a design program like Adobe Creative Suites with a CS package of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. It’s a small investment upfront that will save you money down the road because you can make your own minor changes to titles, phone numbers, and services.

Build and support your brand with good and relevant collateral materials.

Published on: July 30, 2014