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QR Codes: A Quick Response for Growing Your Business

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Have you seen the giant square bar codes appearing on everything from magazine ads to billboards lately?  Known as Quick Response (QR) codes, they are a bridge between traditional marketing and the online world.  They let your customers and potential customers instantly learn more about your products or services and respond to you in real time.  And, the best part is that the response is completely measurable, so you can determine what’s most effective in driving new sales.

In a report from February, 2011, BizReport cited an increase in the use of QR Codes being up 1200% in six months!

Some ways QR Codes are now being used:

-By adding QR Codes to a For Sale sign, real estate agents are able to give interested people a look inside the house.

-Having a QR Code on company vehicles gives people stuck in traffic a chance to learn about the company

-Bridge the online and offline worlds by by having QR Codes placed on print ads, window displays, direct mail, business cards or anywhere your message is printed

To learn more about QR codes and how they can benefit your business, register for our seminar being held May 25th, 7:30 – 9AM at the Greater Wayzata Chamber of Commerce, Wayzata City Hall.  Here’s what you’ll take away from this seminar:

– What QR Codes are and how to create one
– Common mistakes business owners make with QR Codes and how to avoid them
– Examples of specific ways you can use QR Codes for your business
– How QR Codes work in combination with mobile marketing to reach your potential customers on their mobile phones
– How to link QR Codes and mobile marketing to make your Twitter Followers and Facebook “Fans” pay off for your business
– How to measure your effectiveness with QR Codes and determine your ROI

Click here to register for the seminar and learn how to grow your business using QR Codes.

Published on: May 13, 2011