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30 Years 30 Heroes: Scott Jackson

I remember the first day that I met Scott Jackson. I was in 6th grade and a friend had convinced me to try playing volleyball. I went to the orientation and in walks the entire Varsity team to help us learn skills, talk about what it takes to be a volleyball player and run some drills. We were each paired up with a player that seemed to be in our skill ability. As everyone was being paired up, he approached me asking if I knew what type of position I might want to play. I had never played a day in my life and had no idea what I would want to do. He ran a few skills with me and paired me up with his starting Setter, saying that I had good hand-eye coordination. I will never forget that first day as it showed how much he truly cared about each person, not just because they could be a potential player for him but that he wanted each person to feel included, needed and valued as a team member. After leaving that day, I knew that I wanted to continue pursuing volleyball as my sport and more specifically as a setter! I was intrigued by a coach that all the players talked so highly of whether he was around or not. Every member of the varsity team alluded to his ability to get the best out of his players and make an impact on you outside of the sport as well.

Jumping ahead years later, I was in high school. I had played Junior Olympics volleyball and been around quite a few coaches and players, all pushing me to be the best player that I could be. It was not until I had Scott as a direct coach that I realized the impact he truly makes on his players. He not only cared about their health and training for volleyball but how they were doing in school, their social lives and their families. He was the first one to help me realize what everyone now calls “work-life balance” but at that time was un-named. He pushed us to be great players, great people and to give back to others as they gave to us but also focus on ourselves. We were always paired up with a younger or older sister and pushed to spend time together away from volleyball. Learning what it meant to be a better person and to impact the lives of others in the most positive way possible. He gives his all to his players. Whether that meant staying late to work on drills or answering life questions, we may have. He may not have always known the answers, but his guidance was an open door to us if we chose to use it. When I had a dear friend tragically pass away, and then my grandmother die in the same month, he showed up to do all he could to be there for both my family and me. He gave me leniency in our practice schedule and made extra time available that worked within my schedule to ensure that I stayed in top shape for my Senior Varsity season. A year that took Wayzata as Section Champions and to the State tournament for the first time in 30+ years. I could not have continued playing as a member of the team without his support and commitment to both myself and the rest of the team.

CEL’s mission is to be passionately committed to the betterment of business, family and the community and Scott Jackson does just that. He takes care of “business” on the court, ensures that “family” life is a priority and teaches individuals to give back to the “communities” that they are a member. I will forever be grateful for him helping to mold me into the person I am today. Thank you, Scott, for all you have done for me, and you continue to do for all the lives you impact!

Published on: October 12, 2018