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New iPhone 5 Released!

There is exciting news for techies and non-techies alike when it comes to the latest version of the iPhone. According to the San Francisco AP, it is anticipated that the new iPhone 5 will likely go on sale in a week or two. Following an event launch in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook announced a thinner, lighter weight model, with faster data speed capabilities, plus a taller screen. It will have an 8-megapixel camera, faster Wi-Fi, along with a faster processing chip. A new version of Apple’s phone software, iOS 6, will work with fourth-generation, or 4G, cellular networks.

The new iPhone has three microphones instead of two, and comes with a sound enhancement feature. Facetime video calls will work over cellular networks for the first time, where in the past it had been limited to Wi-Fi connections.

You can talk to Siri to post a status update on Facebook, and save essential information in the new Passbook. There will also be improvements to Siri as far as fielding questions about movies, restaurants and other things, with such conveniences as a partnership with OpenTable Inc., to help with ease of the reservation process.

There are many opportunities to transform your organization or support business growth by utilizing iPhone apps to plan, strategize and help users to become more efficient! An individual or company can track leads, manage documents and sales prospects, as well as accessing and providing merchant services for your customers.

One big change: The iPhone is getting a new connector to attach to computers and chargers. This means the new iPhone won’t be compatible with old accessories, but will sell an adapter to work with these devices.

Analysts are already estimating that before the company’s quarter ends Sept. 30, Apple will sell 8 million to 10 million iPhone 5s. With this is mind, the iPhone has been falling behind in sales in comparison with Android phones. We’ll have to wait and see if the hype is all that it’s made out to be! Are you excited to get out and buy the new iPhone 5?

Published on: September 13, 2012