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5 Cause Marketing Tips for Your Business Plan

So you’re convinced that cause marketing should be part of your business strategy, now where do you go from here? Consider these 5 tips for choosing a cause that aligns with your marketing plan:

1. Choose with your heart

Sincerity from the heart attracts prosperity from the cause. When you invest in a cause that you believe in and you truly want to impact, you are more likely to get the most out of the relationship. 

2. Align with your brand

What does your target market care about most? Is it children, animals, families in need? Take time to be strategic and go to where your people are, thinking through every possible challenge and outcome.

3. Give some power to your people

If your staff believes in the cause, they’re more likely to work hard to support it, so ask around to find out what they care about.

4. Expect to donate time in addition to money

This is when the relationship really pays off because you’re working in the trenches, building a trusting relationship. When a charity can trusts your sincerity, they are more likely to connect you with Board members, donors and other sponsors.

5. Make a long- term commitment

It takes time to build a relationship and the longer you invest in a cause; the more it will be connected to your brand.

Published on: September 8, 2014