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App of the Week Helps You Manage Expenses

Are you sick and tired of expense reports? This week’s App of the Week helps you capture receipts, track time and mileage, business travels and manage expense reports. Expensify is a free app that has been acknowledged as one of the best apps for expense reporting.

So what exactly can the Expensify app do for you?

  • Easy receipt capture. Take a picture of your receipt and you can throw it away. 
  • Receipt scanning. Expensify’s technology reads the receipt and creates an expense.
  • Manage on the go. You can create and manage your expenses from anywhere on your mobile devices.
  • Syncing Bank or Credit Card. You can choose to have your account transactions pulled into Expensify.
  • Easy Reports. Email expense reports or convert to a PDF and save.
  • Integration. Import or export using multiple outlets such as Excel, Evernote, Dropbox, SalesForce, Quickbooks and more!

This app can be a great tool for anyone looking to manage their business, or even personal, expenses on the go in an easy and organized way. Do you like the idea of the app? Have you tried it? Let us know!

Published on: November 13, 2013