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Assess Your Success – The Marketing and PR Scorecard is a Winner!

Whether you are looking to rebrand, reorganize or simply refresh your business, a good first step is an evaluation of your current marketing and PR strategy. By evaluating your strategy, you can highlight areas that need your attention and then focus on them.

To help you assess your success, we’ve developed a Marketing and PR Scorecard that gives us direction on where to focus our time to boost your brand.

Elements of the Marketing and PR Scorecard

The scorecard asks you to rate aspects of your Marketing and PR Strategy on a scale of 1–5. There are nine main categories that range from Target Market and Goals, to Internal Culture, Online Marketing and PR, and Media Relations.

Within each category, we ask specific questions about your marketing strategy. For example, under the category “Brand Identity” we ask, “Do you have a succinct and clear brand identity?” If you believe you do, you would place a 5 next to this item, if you feel your brand is somewhat clear, but could use improvement, you would place a 3 next to this item. If you feel you really do not have a clear message, you would give it a 1. You repeat this process for each item in each category.

Calculate Your Results

Once the entire scorecard is filled out, the results are calculated and you’re given an overall score. This score allows us to measure the success of your marketing and PR efforts to see if you are on par with a winning strategy. If you score lower than you like within certain categories, we’ll know where to focus our attention..

For example, on the scorecard above, the company scored a 23 out of 35 in brand identity, telling us it’s an area that can use some work. As brand identity firm, we can help them build a creative, effective and lasting brand that is consistent across their marketing and sales.

The scorecard also highlights success. Despite needing to enhance their brand identity, the company assessed above has a strong social media – or Real Time PR™ – plan.

So before you adjust your marketing, take time to evaluate your success.

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Published on: July 23, 2013