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An Eventful Summer Packed with PR

Summer festivals and events are approaching. Are you planning to dive in? If you take the leap, you could be swimming in good PR.

Community involvement is good public relations. When you invest in your community, businesses in your community are more likely to invest in you.

From sponsoring a baseball team to paying for the fireworks for the 4th of July celebration, there are many ways to make an investment that will come back to you.

It can be as simple as walking or driving within the parade and handing out candy or prizes along the way.

The local Chamber of Commerce typically runs summer celebrations and they’re always looking for new and fun ideas to jazz things up along with new strategies for preserving their budgets. The show will go on, but if you can help lessen the burden of expense for that show, your donation will be welcomed and so will your business.

A lot of companies volunteer their whole staff to work activities and events. Our CEL team has done everything from working a carnival game to sponsoring a hole on the golf course.

Golf tournaments are another great way to swing into new business. Every year, we sponsor Noah’s Memorial Classic. We help raise money for SIDS research, while supporting our Brand Specialist Scott Rogers and his wife Jenna who put on the tournament in memory of their son Noah. Last year our staff did everything from registering golfers to hosting the “Duckie Drive” on the 8th hole. Let us say that it was everything it was quacked up to be!

Seriously, as summer approaches, explore ways that you can get involved with your community. The ROI can be immediate with a connection that leads to a sale, but the focus is on building relationships within your community that will bring business to your door on an on-going basis. Community relations is good public relations, especially when it comes from the heart.


Published on: April 15, 2013