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Cindy Leines Featured in Plymouth Magazine

C.E.L. Founder and Strategist Cindy Leines is featured in the October issue of Plymouth Magazine. Reporter Bethany Christo interviewed Cindy on becoming the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Within the article, Christo highlighted Cindy’s business success and her company mission of being passionately committed to the betterment of business, family and the community. She said, “Leines started C.E.L. in the basement of her home in 1988 as a mother of two after noticing how professionals in health and education fields often struggle to market their services.” Leines added, “We continue that mission today.”

Leines attributes her success to her roots in North Dakota where she got “experience on the farm watching her hardworking parents succeed and thrive in their community.”

Cindy Leines and C.E.L. scored the highest among nominated companies that have established and maintained a successful business of $100 million or less in annual revenue for five or more years.  Leines looks forward to continuing to work with clients to bring their message to the marketplace in a creative, effective and lasting way.

Published on: October 7, 2011