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The Authority of Social Media

CEL Founder & Strategist Cindy Leines recently shared some lessons learned from her travels with family this past week…

Social media technology has touched nearly every aspect of our American life…if you want to automate, integrate or communicate, there is an app or program for you.

This week as we traveled, we automated our check-in process so that we didn’t need to remember to contact the car rental; our golf scores hit our iPhones so all players could see the scores of the leaders; and we sent texts to our kids, friends and family daily to coordinate schedules.  Prayers and daily devotions came through on our phones, directions talked us through new territory, and we found the best price for gas while driving (the passenger did the searching, not the driver for obvious safety reasons).

The television was not the source of our morning news but rather multiple sources on our iPhones, iPads and computer brought us news and weather from around the country.  And, when we wanted to hear what friends, family and colleagues were up to, we turned in part to Facebook.

The debate remains – is technology enhancing or detracting from our communication? The answer can vary greatly depending on which person you ask.

Oh, and “Words with Friends” was played with our far-away kids and siblings via mobile devices in Wisconsin, California, Arizona, England, and Minnesota. Far from home, still connected!

Published on: March 7, 2012