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Are You Accepting New Clients? How Referral Key Stacks Up Against LinkedIn for Professional Business Networking, Part I

New social media sites are popping up all over. As a business owner you need to have a strategy for every social media site you engage in, not just run willy-nilly into them because they are “new”.

What points are beneficial to keep in mind as you explore new social media sites?

Know why you are participating in social media. Do you want to engage in more conversation with your potential clients? Are you looking to build brand awareness with social media?

Explore the site and see if the prospects you want to reach are spending time there.  Determine how the new site fits into your overall strategic plan for social media.

Keeping these tips in mind, we wanted to investigate 3 new social media sites that clients and folks attending our workshops have been asking about lately:

–       Referral Key

–       Branch Out

–       Empire Avenue

We’ll cover Referral Key today – stay tuned for part 2 in this series for our review on Branch Out and Empire Avenue.


Published on: June 25, 2011