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Would You Hire a Hacker?

Does hacking generally have a negative or positive connotation? According to an article from, there are quite a few top companies that have given legitimate jobs to hackers – including Apple, Google and Microsoft.

While you might be thinking that hacking can be considered a “cybercrime,” try looking at it from a business standpoint. If you are constantly trying to keep your company virtually safe from hackers, spambots and viruses, wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert working for you? Besides, who would know the capabilities of online threats better than a true hacker?

“While giving a job to a hacker can be seen as rewarding wrong behavior, sometimes attention-getting actions can help showcase the best talent,” said Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg. “Using a hacker’s power to positively benefit a company can help prevent future cybercrime.”

What do you think? Is it fair to hire alleged cyber criminals?


Published on: July 12, 2011