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Are YOU in Control of Your Brand?

How many people are subconsciously swayed by branding that is so familiar, it’s not recognized as brand recognition, but simply a trusted slogan, name or face? For example, “I’m lovin’ it.”

Did you immediately picture the McDonald’s golden arches? Nothing more needs to be said, because the brand speaks for itself. There is a perceived reputation attached with their name, and fortunately, it’s a good one.

Creating and building your brand is invaluable and worth every ounce of effort, research and strategic development by a pioneering team, large or small, of dedicated and knowledgeable people willing to share their mission for the good of the company and the community.

If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him.?–Seneca

Branding evolution is a process to determine and evaluate the market, and whether your brand is still an accurate portrayal of your business today and for the future.

Here are some questions to consider when striving for consistent value in your brand:

  • Who is your market?
  • What differentiates the perceived value of your service or product?
  • How do you create relationships that transcend time in a competitive market?
  • How will your brand experience and message be recognized as unique, valued and necessary?

When the wind direction is ever-changing, how do you control your sales and course of action? While drifting in a fluid sea of wavering variables, how do you anchor your brand as a proven, trusted and reliable alternative compared with the other ships in an unpredictable ocean?

Published on: October 19, 2012