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Organization Tips for Your Business

For many business owners, it can become clear that organization and customer service come hand in hand.  After all, isn’t it more difficult to provide quality service to your customers if you are unorganized and ill prepared for their needs?

Organization skills can keep staff running efficiently, which reduces stress and builds trust from customers.

Each person has his or her own system for staying organized.  Here are helpful tips that some of our team members use to keep our office organized to deliver quality service.

• Make Service a Priority: Set priorities and balance them according to deadlines.  This can help to “…exude confidence and control,” shares Alexis Writing of Demand Media. It helps to create an environment that is more productive for everyone.

• Get Involved: In an article written by Kevin Stirtz on, Stirtz replied, “The most successful companies use every resource they have to find solutions and address opportunities. Your employees and customers are your best resources.”  Use your resources and think outside of the box for your customers.

• Build Relationships: When your client mentions he likes a certain type of soda, make a note of it and try having a cold one ready for him for the next meeting.  Engage with your customers regularly because the small things make a big difference for you and your client.

• Track Your Progress:  By being organized with your priorities, your time management or any project management, you can measure your successes or failures more easily.

• Reduce Stress: “It creates a more relaxed working environment, as opposed to a cluttered or disorganized office,” says Writing.

Writing notes, “An organized professional will spend less time correcting mistakes, searching for information and fixing any clutter. More time saved means more time for doing productive things.”  Organized efficiency can mean a more successful customer engagement each and every time.

What tips do you have to help business professionals stay organized?


Published on: March 2, 2012