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Save Money with Strategy

A Marketing/PR Strategy is essential for a business and if it’s done right, it charts a course for getting your message to the marketplace and making sure it sticks. But, did you know that a strategy could also save you money?

Obviously, if you write your plan with a leaner budget in mind, you are being fiscally responsible. In other words, if you don’t have the cash flow to support a multi-level promotional campaign, you would plan accordingly and only budget for one strong campaign initiative.

If you’re not on a mission to cut back, you can enhance your marketing by going beyond what’s traditional, For example, in addition to obtaining media coverage by writing and distributing a press release, you can implement a consistent social media strategy. Utilizing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, and/or keeping a regular schedule with a blog, can keep your business relevant online and lead to sales. So, in addition to talking about your company within a newspaper or radio interview, you’re talking about it online.

Many studies show that an online strategy can increase profits for businesses. One in particular shows that businesses that are online versus their competitors who are not, outsell their competitors by more than 78%.

You many want to place your online marketing strategy in separate place within your plan, but note that you will likely have some crossover.  The bottom line is, shoot for brand consistency when implementing your strategy because it reinforces your brand online and off.

Remember; don’t substitute online marketing for traditional and face-to-face connecting and networking. Both are important and serve a purpose. Spreading your business message by word-of-mouth is something that won’t and shouldn’t go away. Technology has simply opened the door to additional marketing opportunities. When was the last time you personally asked a happy customer to refer friends who could use your services? Think about doing that, in addition to your next Tweet or Facebook post!

Published on: September 23, 2013