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Impactful Brands Create Lasting Memories

Most of us have a brand from our childhood that sticks in our mind. Whether it was our favorite toy, a particular fashion trend, or a favorite candy bar, brands stick with us. As a branding strategy company, we love brands, so we decided to spread the love by asking our team to share their most memorable childhood brand.

Carol, Media Relations Specialist

“I loved the Dr. Scholl’s sandals with the wooden bottoms and that strip of leather with the adjustable buckle on the top.  They clacked SO loud when you walked in them, but the raised part under the toes made them really comfy.”

Scott, Graphic Designer and Brand Specialist

“In the early 90’s the “Reebok Pump” came out. At the time, it was the “cool and hip” thing to wear. They marketed it by having basketball players pump it up on the tongue, which in turn tightened the shoe. The basketball player would then make an insane dunk… Made famous by Dee Brown from the Celtics.”

Cindy, Founder and Strategist

“Playing cards and board games was a big part of my childhood, so it is fitting that Milton Bradley is my most memorable brand. It brings back memories of good times and laughter with my family and friends.”

Britt, Public Relations Assistant

“As a 90s kid, a lot of awesome toys stick out in my mind but no brand could ever compare to Barney. I had Barney everything – cups, plates, stuffed animals, raincoat, rain boots… the list goes on. I may have single handedly funded the Barney brand from 1992 to 1995.”

Chelsea, Social Media & Client Services Specialist

“I have no idea why, but I had a Furby and it was the creepiest toy I’ve ever owned. They stick out in my mind because they would randomly start speaking. The voice was so scary and they had eyes that seemed to peer right through you. I’m pretty sure they gave me nightmares. To this day I do not like scary movies or creepy little small critters in movies that move, like ET, Gremlins, etc.”

Kari,  Media Relations Specialist

“My strongest childhood brand memory is the Levi’s tag on the back pocket of my navy blue corduroys. Levi’s meant status, so heaven forbid that my Mom would buy me a pair with the circle R trademark instead. Yes, it did happen once and I promptly thanked her and said they had to be exchanged!”

Nate, Marketing and PR Intern

“The Game Boy brand always reminds of family vacations when I was growing up. My parents drove everywhere. That meant a lot of hours in the car, sometimes for a couple days straight. It also meant my sisters and I needed to find ways to entertain ourselves. For quite a few of those vacations, we would pass the Game Boy around the car, trying to beat each other’s scores in Tetris, or get to a higher level in Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle. Thanks to Game Boy, those hours in the car went pretty quickly. Who knows, without it…we might have been forced to read or something.“

What do these brands have in common? Most of our favorite brands provided memories and status. Having the right pair of Levi’s or sneakers made you popular with your friends, and games and favorite characters created memories to last a lifetime.

These brands also have staying power. Most of them are still around today thanks to rebranding and attracting new customers. Milton-Bradley board games are still a family favorite. Like most of the brands we love, their logo and products have transformed, but the experience they provide remains the same.

When creating your brand, create something memorable. You may not be able to guarantee status, but you can provide a positive experience that will keep customers coming back to your company for years to come.


Photo Credit: Chris Brown and Fernando de Sousa

Published on: August 27, 2013