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CEL Gets a Brand Update

It’s good to practice what we preach. With this in mind, our team evaluated our CEL brand and key messages and determined we needed an update that included:

  1. Freshening up our logo
    As styles and trends change, we believe we must change with them. Our updated logo represents our progression forward in branding, with a new “flat design” look. It’s a style that we are also supplying to a majority of our clients.
  1. Changing our key brand message to instantly define what we do
    We transitioned from “Creative. Effective. Lasting.” to “Marketing/PR/Design.” We continue to see value in using”Creative. Effective. Lasting.”, but in a different way within our marketing.
  1. Designing and developing a new website
    We wanted to keep up with ever-changing web design trends such as easy to navigate and responsive formatting, less copy/more imagery, and background videos.
  1. Updating all of our print and digital collateral materials
    Your brand should convey your company personality and differentiate you from your competitors, as well as stay consistent throughout all materials.

Where does your brand stand? Find out by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Is your brand recognizable and memorable?
  2. Does it have immediate recognition and reflect your business today and tomorrow?
  3. Does your brand inspire trust, loyalty and the best in the industry, across generations?
  4. Can your logo easily be resized to fit various sizes of ads and promotional materials?
  5. Does your logo look impressive in black and white as well as color?
  6. Do you have the same message on your business cards, collateral materials and website?

If you answered “no” to two or more of these questions, you may need an update. Unsure of what it will take? Here’s our list of updates to use as a guide.

  • Logo updated and save it in multiple formats– check!
  • Website – check!
  • Business cards – check!
  • Email signatures – check!
  • Electronic letterhead – check!
  • Note cards – check!
  • Envelopes – check!
  • Marketing folder – check!
  • Marketing portfolio – check!
  • Proposal template – check!
  • Social media logos and headers – check!
  • Online directories – check!
  • Brand standards guide – check!

Make sure your brand is fresh, innovative, tangible and most of all, aligned with your business objections. If you would like us to help you evaluate it, please give us a call!

Published on: October 1, 2015