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App of the Week: Mailbox

Spend a lot of time checking email on your mobile device, or maybe just trying to sort through and organize it all? This week’s app can help iPhone and iPad users do just that. Mailbox was introduced a couple of years ago, hoping to introduce users to a new way of viewing their inbox.

For some time you had to put yourself on a waiting list just to receive the app, but as they continue to grow, it is now downloadable in the app store. So why is this email app so special? Let’s take a look.

You can clear your inbox in minutes. Take two minutes and start swiping. You can swipe four different ways in order to archive an email, set it for reading later (3 hours, in the evening, another day), delete it, or send it to a list you’ve created in the app (watch, read, family, buy, etc.).

Secure transfer and notifications. Meaning, that Mailbox automatically checks your cloud for mail and securely delivers it to the app. You can also choose to have it send you push notifications on your phone, letting you know when you have messages you need to take care of.

Too busy? No worries. Too busy for an email that doesn’t need immediate attention? Swipe to the left slightly and set it for a later time. You can set it for a few hours from now, this evening, the next day or week, or pick a date. Once you select a time to view it later, Mailbox will automatically resend it to your inbox.

The one negative side to this app is that it is still in it’s growing stage. Right now the app supports Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo accounts only, but other platforms are said to be coming soon.

Published on: December 18, 2013