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Creating an Emotional Connection through Your School District’s Brand

Creating an Emotional Connection through Your School District’s Brand

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. As we move forward we need to think about the possibilities of what could be. Last year Janet Swiecichowski and Chelsea Janke presented at Finalsite’s District Communications Day #DistrictCommsDay on “Creating an Emotional Connection through Your District’s Brand” while being hosted by Mia Charette (Major). After the presentation, we received a lot of positive reviews and wanted to make it readily available to our community. Check it out!

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Families are incredibly overwhelmed. We are in a new, unprecedented world that will not be back to normal. This is an opportunity to reimagine what your digital campus looks like, what learning looks like and as District Communicators, you play a critical role in sparking that innovative thinking. We can innocently ask questions that parents are asking, drive change in our district and schools to communicate proactively.

Set Goals

Capture the hearts and minds of stressed-out families. Schools are now indisputably “America’s Safety Net” for children and families. In the coming months, we must reclaim our position as advocates for learning and thought leaders in child development.  

  • Establish the emotional connection
  • Build confidence and trust
  • Simplify and manage expectations


We challenge you to identify 5 key message pillars for content and communication. A leader we are working with has exemplified this beautifully, he’s been very clear that while the economy and the world shuts down, our children’s brain doesn’t stop growing and developing. We need to be very intentional about the experiences we are designing during this period and not just doing what we’ve always done.

1. Basic needs: air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, etc.

2. Safety needs: personal security, employment, resources, health, property

3. Love and belonging: friendship, intimacy, family, sense of connection

4. Esteem: respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength, freedom

5. Self-actualization: the desire to become the most that one can be

Communicate & Connect

We are #InThisTogether and we need to proactively communicate, connect and earn their confidence.

  • Make connections over pushing out content.
  • Bring empathy, emotion and unity
  • Become a place of confidence for your families and communities

Inspire & Support

We need to teach, inspire and support families who need hope and optimism now more than ever before.

  • Creative activities that promote learning while exercising.
  • Promote unity and community during this time of isolation.
  • Utilize your student voices to curate content.

Last but not least, remember:

Good branding is good storytelling.
Good storytelling is good marketing.
Good marketing will positively impact
the lives of your community.


Published on: March 15, 2021