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Taking a Swing at SIDS

For over 20 years, C.E.L. has been passionately committed to the betterment of business, family and the community and since our founding, we have focused on causes that bring hope and comfort to families in times of need.

Recently, we were presented with the opportunity to help a member of our own C.E.L. family raise awareness for a cause near and dear to his heart. On July 22nd, we will be sponsoring a par-3 hole at the 1st Annual Noah’s Memorial Classic, a fundraiser for SIDS research. This golf tournament was organized by our Designer and Brand specialist Scott Rogers and his wife Jenna in honor of their beautiful son Noah. 11-month-old Noah passed away from SIDS in October.

Since losing their son, Scott and Jenna have dedicated themselves to honoring Noah’s memory. In their first blog post after Noah’s death they wrote, “We will never have… answers but we hope to live on and dedicate our lives to his memory.” The goal of this tournament is to honor Noah and raise money for SIDS research to help prevent the syndrome from taking the lives of children in the future.

An average of 2,300 infants die of SIDS each year. The cause of SIDS is still unknown and the impact it has on the families of these children is heartbreaking. We hope that the money raised from Noah’s Memorial Classic will help researchers come closer to finding answers.

Noah’s Memorial Classic is on Friday, July 22 at Fox Hollow Golf Course in St. Michael, MN. Our staff will be there all day offering raffle tickets for a special competition at our sponsored hole. We would like to invite you to join us in this cause. Registration for the event is open until June 25 so there is still time to register your foursome!

Following the golf tournament, there will be a dinner where you can bid for silent auction items and participate in a raffle. Many incredible items have already been donated for the auction, including 4th row lower level Twins tickets, a script signed by the entire cast of NCIS Los Angeles, a Magic Johnson autographed basketball, a personalized photo book from behind the scenes of the movie TRON signed by Jeff Bridges and many more incredible items.

Scott and Jenna are still taking donations for the silent auction and securing hole sponsors. For more information, check out the 1st Annual Noah’s Memorial Classic Facebook page.

C.E.L. is proud to be a part of this important event and we would love to have you join our C.E.L. family in honoring Noah and supporting Scott, Jenna and the researchers working to fight SIDS.

Published on: June 9, 2011