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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Social Media appsSocial media for business shouldn’t be implemented just for the sake of having social media. Successful engagement on social media requires a strategy – a plan for how you will utilize social media to further your company’s mission and sales.

Knowing what kinds of content can engage your audience is key to successful social media. So what can your business do to create engaging content? Here are five aspects of social media to include in your plan:

  1. Multimedia. Giving your audience something to look at or watch can dramatically increase their interest in your pages. According to a social media engagement study by VFM Leonardo Inc., posts with videos attract three times more traffic than plain text posts.
  2. Tutorials. Put together a short and sweet blog, infographic or video on how to complete a task that shows what your business can do for the audience.
  3. Behind the name. Let your audience see who you are. Share some posts, pictures or video about what you do, who your employees are or about your geographical area.
  4. Humor. Everyone loves to laugh. Posting an appropriate, relevant and timely humorous post can keep you top of mind of your prospective customers and encourage them to come back and look at your page again.
  5. Customer Service. One of the most important aspects of your social media strategy is customer service – how you treat and respond to your customers on social media can make or break whether you retain customers.  According to a branding study done by Social News Daily, 97% of consumers said an online experience influenced whether or not they bought a product or service from a brand.

Engaging an audience can prove to be challenging or time consuming, especially for small and midsize businesses. If a plan is created and implemented, utilizing these five aspects of engagement, you are bound to get off on the right foot.

What engagement strategies does your business use?  Which ones have proven to be most effective for your company?

Published on: July 9, 2013