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The Convenience Factor: PayPal To Be Accepted In-Store at 15 Major Retailers

“Here’s your total. Will you be paying with cash, credit or PayPal today?”

In the next few months you could be hearing this from at least 15 major retailers for in-store payments. reported the story and revealed that some very recognizable brands (including J.C. Penny, Office Depot, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble, and Toys ‘R’ Us) have signed on to accept PayPal payments from customers in their stores.

Think of this as a convenient way for customers to pay for merchandise or services. Instead of swiping an actual credit card or handing over cash, you can pay with a physical portal to your online PayPal account. If you don’t have a smartphone or forgot it, you’re still in luck – customers can pay through their PayPal account by providing the phone number associated with the account and a PIN code.

“This is a smart concept by PayPal to not only keep up with the growing mobile movement, but also as a way to associate their brand with other major retailers to add simplicity and convenience to the buying experience,” said  PR Specialist Kelly Kison. “Giving your customers the capability to make purchases without their wallet in hand is a modern incentive to shop at your store.”

Luckily PayPal will not have to start from scratch to find more users – currently 110 million people have an active PayPal account online.

As the article points out, this convenient option from PayPal is not alone. Google Wallet offers a very similar capability for buyers, and there will likely be even more competitors in the near future.

What can be learned from this news? If it is appropriate for your target market, consider taking advantage of new technology to offer innovative options that are simple and convenient for your customers. It does not necessarily have to be about direct purchases – it could be about offering a new way for customers to connect to your brand online through social media channels.

What steps are you taking to add more convenience for your target market?

Published on: May 25, 2012