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Taking a Social Approach to Customer Service

What questions did you ask yourself in the past to make sure you were serving your customers well? Chances are, a few of those questions are the same, but the reality is that some should be drastically different. For example: What’s the perception of my business online? How can I continue to engage in conversation with my customers when they’re not standing in front of me?

In today’s social media world, customer service has stepped further into the forefront. When a consumer has an opinion or experience to share about your brand, many do not hesitate to share it with everyone, via Facebook, Twitter, and within online reviews.

When businesses first began communicating the services behind their brand through social media channels, customers were pleasantly surprised if they responded to their comments or complaints. Today, customers expect it and businesses are going public with responsive answers and action.

Here are some ways you can improve your customer service experience online:

  1. Engage with your customers. Use your social media to create engaging content so your audience feels like they are a part of your brand. If a customer feels like their opinion matters, they are more likely to gain loyalty to that brand and keep coming back for more.
  2. Provide your customers with a give. Create a coupon they can to show on their mobile device or can print out, link to a great deal on your website, or create a giveaway contest. These simple, yet engaging posts to social media can keep your audience coming back to check your social pages, where they will run into your other content as well.
  3. Respond to your customers’ comments and concerns. Whether a post is positive or negative, responding to your customers in a timely and respective manner on social media can even help you keep a disgruntled customer who had a bad experience.

Published on: March 3, 2014