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5 Tips to Maintain and Sustain Your Brand

How do you maintain and sustain your brand in the marketplace? If you look at the land of the giants, there are common threads sewn into a history of consistency and clarity of message. The big brands know who they are and what they promise and they stick to it, from the visual to the interpersonal, while enhancing it as needed for transition and growth.

For example, what is the best cereal to buy for your baby? Hmmm…Cheerios perhaps? And, according to their latest ads, the babies who enjoyed it a couple of decades ago are now serving it to their babies because it’s a happy memory! Genius! Cheerios continues to sell on their key messages of health and baby satisfaction, while maintaining their market share by striking a chord with another generation.

What companies do you think have maintained and sustained their brand well? Ask yourself these questions:

•Would you like to “buy the world a Coke?”

•Do you typically have a “Coke and a smile” at the same time?

•Have you experienced “a pause that refreshes?”

Coca-Cola’s brand history began in 1886 when a pharmacist decided he wanted to create a soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains, so he did. And, his bookkeeper is credited with naming the product and designing and trademarking the logo.

Experts believe that Coca-Cola’s brand success is due in part to their ability to play a part in happy occasions around the world. The brand has aged with generations of kids who had Coca-Cola placed in their hands at a birthday party or at a ball game. For most of us, Coke is associated with happy memories that we want to pass onto our kids.

How can your business get on the Coca-Cola brand wagon? Take these 5 Tips:

1. Manage and protect your brand

Document your brand standards and stick to them from your PMS colors to the amount of white space that must be placed around it. If you share your logo for a sponsorship or cross promotion, make know what is acceptable and what is not when placing it on a program or brochure or on a TV screen.

2. Create a strategy for maintaining and sustaining

Don’t just put your brand out there and hope for the best. If you don’t set goals and make a plan for your brand, you have no roadmap for to reach the success that your envision. Be clear of your target market and speak clearly to it, but keep your messaging fluid, to meet demand. And, always be open to new opportunities.

3. Keep it Fresh

Consistency is important for longevity of your brand, but you can certainly freshen it up with a seasonal color or message to grab attention.

4. Root your brand deeply in the hearts and minds of your team

A successful brand is driven by people who believe in it and represent it well, so make sure your employees know where your band stands. Tell them the story and the mission behind it and why it’s important to carry out your brand promise.

5. Stay True to Your Brand Promise

You can speak your brand messages clearly all day long, but if you don’t follow through and deliver, it’s all for nothing. Brands tend to suffer when companies go through a lot of change and customer dissatisfaction, so stay true and follow through with your brand promise.

Ok. It’s time for a Coke break!

Published on: October 9, 2013