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Your Logo, Your Brand

Today our Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist weighs in on what you should consider for your logo and branding…

When you request a designer to create your logo, you are asking that person to create your brand, meaning your company’s “face” or identity. For more than a decade as a designer, I have interacted with all sorts of clientele. Some just leave it up to the designer to make something that just “looks good.” Others know their business (far better than I do) and really guide the designer through every ounce of detail, thus being very precise on the small things – which is good!

However you choose to communicate with your designer, the outcome for your brand has to go beyond your expectations and distinguish the identity of your business. In other words, is your brand recognizable? Will someone that runs across your logo immediately associate it with your company?
As a business owner, you should be proud of your logo and branding.

In my experience of creating logos for clients of local businesses, I feel there is nothing more satisfying than to see his or her work utilized in print, signage, and other forms of branding. Consider ways that your company’s logo design will be made public. From the bottom of a swimming pool to the form of a cake, how will your logo reflect what your brand is trying to say?

Published on: July 14, 2011