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Mint Roofing

Why Rebrand? Their old name (Dalbec Roofing), looked and sounded like many other roofing contractors; it said nothing about the savvy, service-oriented business they’d become. There had not been a Dalbec in management in over 30 years. After 17 years of being the third-generation owners, it was time to create a brand that made sense to continue investing in, while updating their look, and positioning them well into the future.

The biggest challenge to rebrand for Dalbec Roofing was to take the plunge! It was hard for them not to get cold feet about changing a name that had been around for 62 years, and spend the money to do it right. They knew they could not go half way, but that it would have to be an all out conversion that would need to go quickly. That was the second part of their challenge: changing EVERYTHING that bore their name inside and out, and to do it as quickly as possible.

CEL knew exactly how to help, offering a strategic launch plan with brand Identity solutions and a complete website redesign. This rebrand was the key solution to the beginning of a wonderful success story.

According to owners Kevin and Michele Krolczyk, “With the launch of Mint Roofing the outside of the company was able to catch-up with the inside of the company. The decision to rebrand has accomplished several things for Mint Roofing. It aligned the name with what we do (getting and keeping roofs in tiptop condition), while creating a relevant, current look that stands apart from the competition. Internally the decision to rebrand created a renewed sense of pride, as excitement swelled throughout the company. Externally the rebranding created enthusiasm with our current customer base, as well as a new platform for which to grow.”

Published on: November 21, 2012