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Insights from 2023: A Recap of Our Top Blogs and Favorites

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we’re revisiting the wealth of insights, discoveries, and stories that graced our digital pages throughout 2023. We strive to make our blog a hub of knowledge on topics that matter to our community.

In this 2023 year in review, we’re not only highlighting the top-performing blogs that captivated our readers but also shining a spotlight on some personal favorites. These handpicked gems resonated with us for their unique perspectives, thought-provoking content, and invaluable lessons.

We’ve seen a trend: our top blogs provide proactive, practical advice on communicating when reputation matters. Our top three blogs have held that position annually for the last three years, attracting tens of thousands of new visitors each year. Quality content can be timeless (and it’s a great boost for SEO). 

When it comes to CEL’s content marketing, we research, test and measure strategies with our own company so we can be confident in making recommendations for yours. Over the last five years, our marketing strategies have generated results: doubling our annual revenue and achieving our reputational goals. What are your goals? And how can we help? We’d love to work with you — for creative, effective and lasting results.

Top Read Blogs of 2023:

  1. Five Quick Memorial Day Posts for Social Media 
  2. Six Social Posts to Honor Veterans Day 
  3. Shawn Achor’s 6 Daily Happiness Exercises
  4. Tips to Thoughtfully Celebrate Black History Month 
  5. How to Update or Correct 2 Types of Facebook Post Photos 
  6. Honor Native American Heritage With the Words You Use & Avoid 
  7. Responding & Managing Facebook Comments 
  8. Communications Policies for School Boards and Effective Leadership
  9. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Different Words, Different Meanings 
  10. Embracing Hispanic Heritage: Celebrating Diversity and Engagement in Schools 
  11. Things We Can Control 
  12. School Board Onboarding in 3 Simple Steps 


Handpicked Favorites:

Confessions of a First-Time Kindergarten Mom
Parents of young children are often overwhelmed. And once children start school, life only gets busier. So, how can schools mitigate “information overload” and provide the “need to know” information families need? This empathic blog provides excellent insight for school communicators and elementary principals.

37 Websites for School District 196
Leading a website conversion for Minnesota’s third-largest school district is no small task. District 196 partnered with CEL. By leveraging a comprehensive web redesign process, they could unify schools and programs districtwide, ensure ADA compliance and provide the training required for decentralized management of school sites. This link includes an hour-long webinar for teams to inspire thinking before you sign with a vendor.

5 Essentials for Workplace Well-Being
“For Labor Unions, WSJ proclaimed 2023 the year of the strike, exceeding the 70s. With labor shortages in every industry, employees are exercising more power and demanding livable wages, healthy work conditions, and more sustainable work-life balance. The U.S. Surgeon General’s framework for employee well-being provides a comprehensive strategy for the best workplaces to remain competitive in hiring and retention.” -Janet Swiecichowski, EdD. APR, CEL Vice President

A Chat About AI Tech
“Watching the conversation about AI unfold across different industries is fascinating. As a graphic designer, I intimately understand concerns about stolen art and plagiarism. But as a social media manager and writer, I welcome another tool into my digital toolkit. This blog made me examine my feelings on AI and where I personally would draw that ethical line.” -Anna Ingemann, CEL Integrated Marketing Specialist

Communicating for Multilingual Communities
“Translation and accessibility should be some of the first decisions you make when building your website, creating content, or developing a crisis plan. Inclusivity is not an afterthought; it’s the foundation that ensures no audience is left unheard.” – Chelsea Janke, CEL Vice President, Integrated Marketing

10 Tips to Tighten Your Writing
“Writing is a process: think, plan, draft and edit. Putting ideas into words, clarifies thinking. But too often the result is “stream of consciousness” writing, which meanders through your thinking. It’s OK for a first draft, but too wordy for busy readers. In communications, strive for the 4c’s: clear, concise, complete and correct.  I love this list because it brings focus to clear, concise writing, which improves readability and SEO.” -Janet Swiecichowski, EdD, APR, CEL Vice President

5-Point Website Inspection Guide
Never let “launch day” be the best day of your website’s life. A website is a dynamic communications tool — always evolving. Use this 5-point inspection guide to set at least one priority for your website this year.



Published on: January 3, 2024