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Community Relations in the Summer Sun

Community relations is good business. Businesses that support the community where they work have the opportunity to expand their reach and showcase their brand personality.

The summer provides exceptional opportunities for community relations. From a title sponsorship for an annual event, to sponsoring a little league baseball team, there are many ways to make an investment that will bounce back to you.

Entrepreneur trainer and speaker Evan Michael describes community relations as “living right and telling about it.” He’s right and chances are, you’re already doing something in your community that’s worth talking about, but you’re doing it out of passion instead of promotion.

Let’s look at it a little differently. What if you promote what you’re doing to inspire others to get involved and you make a bigger difference together?

Here are five suggestions for community building this summer:

  1. Sponsor a musical performance or bounce house at a summer festival, or something else that otherwise would not be possible in your community.
  2. Host a business networking event that features activities benefitting a local nonprofit. For example, bagging food.
  3. Volunteer your staff to work a beer booth or run an activity at an event. Be sure to wear T-shirts with your company logo and a memorable message on it that highlights your support of the event and community.
  4. Host or sponsor a charitable event to help a local nonprofit raise money. It can be as simple as an outdoor wine and cheese tasting with a silent auction and the opportunity to network with other businesses, or an annual golf tournament.
  5. Looking for something out of the box? Write a message on your sidewalk for people entering and leaving your business. Show your personality or ask a question and allow them to write their answers.

Every year, CEL sponsors Noah’s Memorial Classic. We help raise money for SIDS research, while supporting Scott Rogers and his wife Jenna who put on the tournament in memory of their son Noah. In addition to donating hours of time in preparation and execution the day of the tournament, we host a fun chipping or putting activity where golfers compete for prizes. This year, you’ll find us at Edinburgh USA Monday, June 29. Summer is officially here, so now is the time to make your move towards community relations. It’s good public relations, especially when it comes from the heart!

Published on: June 1, 2015