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Can retailers start to breathe a sign of relief?

This weekend I was walking and shopping in Wayzata and found myself standing in line for 15 minutes in one restaurant. The servers were doing a wonderful job – it’s just that there were a lot of people eating out! There was energy in the air and in the shops. For the first time in months, owners of restaurants and retail shops were smiling…at least the ones that I visited in Wayzata, downtown Minneapolis, and Eden Prairie over the weekend.  I’m hoping it’s a trend that keeps on going… According to the Commerce Department, March showed an increase in retail sales for a third month in a row.  MPR News reported the Commerce Department’s a 1.6% sales increase in March as the “…latest sign of ecomomic recovery.”

The increase was across the board, according to the report.  However, at the same time we have economists that saying the recession is not over.  What do you think?  Is the economy on the rebound?  Share your thoughts and economic forecast.

~ Cindy Leines

Published on: April 20, 2010