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10 Simple Truths About Business Marketing Today

In today’s fast-paced business climate that integrates online marketing and traditional marketing methods, businesses need to think outside the box about how to attract and acquire new customers.

Here are 10 simple truths about marketing for businesses today:

  1. Talking with your customers and not at them will get you a lot further.
  2. Consistency and relevancy are key to your success.
  3. Customers buy benefits, not features.
  4. Social media is not an “if” anymore, but a “when” and a “how.”
  5. Social media is not a substitute for building relationships. It is a channel for building relationships.
  6. A blog is still the one indispensable online marketing tool that will get you more search engine exposure than almost any other tool.
  7. Never put all of your customer acquisition eggs in one marketing basket.
  8. Content is King – now more than ever before.
  9. Engagement is more important than number of likes, shares, tweets and retweets, etc.
  10. If you build customer loyalty, they will come (in the form of referrals!).

Marketing your business is a long-term proposition, as it always has been. The methods may have changed, but the basics still apply.

What “Truths” about marketing would you add to the list?

Published on: November 25, 2013