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The Celebrity Apprentice…Branding Over Bret

By Stacy Slygh, C.E.L. Designer & Brand Specialist

As I watched the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, I realized why I turned down multiple social invitations to engage myself with Bret Michaels for two hours. It wasn’t to stare at his blue eyes and bandana (really!)…I was engaged by the drive and branding passion that he had for Snapple, the same drive that stimulates my creativity every day.

A few things that engaged me during the process:

1. Going above and beyond to exceed client expectations: Despite the roadblocks, he worked overtime to create not one, but two commercials, to further enhance the Snapple brand.

2. Bringing passion into the project: His determination to succeed for his charity (American Diabetes Association), with which he has a personal connection, was carried out through the entire project. From the diet, no sugar (always keeping the demographic top of mind!) Snapple flavor, to his engaging writing skills, Bret’s passion for the brand AND his charity shined.

3. Listening to the client: Branding starts with relationships. In the initial client meeting, you get to know your client and begin creating an expressive, distinguished and emotional image in its entirety. Then, you carry it through to the finished product. Snapple shared their goals and brand strategy for this project in the initial meeting…and Bret listened.

Branding is more than creating an image that looks good. It’s about building relationships and uncovering the details. It’s about gaining insight on the client goals, listening to them, and then interpreting their vision to create a successful brand. It’s about sharing the same drive and passion possessed by Bret Michaels.

Published on: May 25, 2010