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7 Tools Every Principal Needs

As a school principal, you’re responsible for shaping the culture of the learning environment, fostering engagement, and ensuring transparent communication within the school community—in addition to everything else on your plate. 

“These tools are game-changers,” says Andrew A. Hagen, the CEL Integrated Communications Coordinator. “They’re not just about efficiency; they unlock new possibilities for engagement.”

From streamlining communication channels to fortifying crisis preparedness, each tool empowers you to streamline your efforts and focus on building relationships and supporting your team.

1. A Visual Crisis Communication Plan

While we hope for smooth sailing, unforeseen situations can arise. A well-defined crisis communication plan is crucial for effectively navigating such challenges, ensuring transparency, and maintaining trust within the community.

This strategic roadmap should outline precise procedures for communication with various stakeholders, ensuring everyone receives timely and accurate information during difficult times.

Collaborate closely with key stakeholders, such as the superintendent and communications director, to develop a comprehensive and effective plan that safeguards your school’s reputation and fosters a sense of security within the community.

2. Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are a fantastic way to connect with your school community, but who has the time to design them from scratch?

Platforms like Smore and Finalsite offer pre-designed newsletter templates that allow you to effortlessly personalize your content while ensuring your newsletters have a visually stunning and impactful design. When it comes to content, ChatGPT, Gemini, Grammarly or Claude can provide a great first draft.

This streamlines the process and boosts the professionalism and impact of your message, strengthening your connection with parents, students, and staff.

3. School Logo Files

Maintaining a consistent visual identity is essential for any organization, and schools are no exception. This is where readily available school logo files come into play. If you are still working with old sketched files or poor-quality replicas, it’s time for a refresh.

You want to have several high-quality logo formats, like PNG for transparency, JPG for versatility, and SVG for scalability. These readily available formats empower your team to seamlessly incorporate the logo across diverse platforms and materials, such as websites, flyers, presentations, and staff swag. Consistency reinforces brand recognition and professionalism, ensuring your school’s visual identity is accurately represented in all contexts.

If your logo isn’t available in all these formats, it might be time to consider a brand refresh.

4. Social Media Calendar

Keeping your school’s online presence buzzing can feel overwhelming. But wouldn’t it be awesome to share all the fantastic things happening at your school without constantly wondering what to post?

Enter the social media content calendar, your secret weapon for pre-scheduling posts. Calendar 30 minutes, once a week, to schedule photos, quotes, reminders and posts to release during the week. Your social media feed communicates your voice as a leader and the culture of your school. 

By strategically planning and delivering targeted messages, you can effectively promote events, celebrate student achievements, and elevate your school’s digital communication game. It’s also easier to delegate the work based on the calendar.

5. Design with Canva

Want to create eye-catching announcements that wow parents and students?

“Canva templates are a game-changer for principals,” says Anna Ingemann, Integrated Communications Specialist and Graphic Designer at CEL. “Anyone can create professional-looking announcements, presentations and communications easily and quickly.”

Canva for Education (free for public schools) is a time-saver for principals, teachers and students. Here’s the magic: Simply choose a template, personalize it with your information, and hit send. Breathe easy knowing your updates boast a polished and engaging design, saving you valuable time and effort.

6. Graphics for Event Promotion

Eye-catching visuals can significantly enhance your outreach efforts.

Use vibrant designs and creative elements to highlight event details and generate excitement among students, parents, and the broader community. Effective event promotion increases participation and creates a more vibrant school environment.

7. Survey and Feedback Tools

Gathering valuable insights from various groups is essential for growth and improvement in any successful organization. Survey and feedback tools empower you to collect valuable feedback from administration, staff, students, and parents. Collecting feedback could be as simple as a feedback button on your website or in your email signature.

This feedback can inform decision-making, from curriculum development to school-wide initiatives. By actively seeking and analyzing feedback, you can foster a culture of continuous improvement within your school community, ensuring that everyone’s needs are heard and addressed.

Simple surveys can be created using free tools such as Google Forms or, more formally, with paid products like K12 Insight.

Remember, these tools are not just resources but catalysts for positive change within your school community. By harnessing their power, you are equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise, empower your team, engage your community, and lead with confidence. Here’s to creating a vibrant and thriving educational journey for every student under your guidance.

Do you need help getting these resources ready for the next school year? Give us a call! We can help you explore these tools further, answer any questions, and point you in the right direction to ensure a smooth and successful start to the academic year.

Published on: May 1, 2024